Thursday, November 22, 2007

Injustice At Its Peak: Saudi Arabia

A 19 year old married Saudi Arabian woman got raped by 7 men 14 times and ended up receiving a sentence for 6 months & 200 lashes for being in car with a friend male (who got raped too) prior the kidnap and rape. The victim's lawyer was kicked out of the courtroom and his licence was suspended. Read more.

I shrink and turn a blind eye at the inequalities in the Gulf region, especially in Saudi Arabia. The victim was traumatized, raped, and on the top of it got punished!!! The judges were so unfair and the assailants should have received harsher punishment.

Now, what really stunned me in this story even more is that Hillary Clinton is asking Bush's admnistration to do something about it. "I urge President Bush to call on King Abdullah to cancel the ruling and drop all charges against this woman. As president I will once again make human rights an American priority around the world" Mrs. Clinton said.

Once again, I shrink at Clinton's interest in this case. She is calling on human rights and calling it as an American priority while knowing that hundreds of Iraqi women are being raped on a daily basis by the sexually frustrated american troops yet she is not doing anything about it. or has she done anything about the rape cases that were reported from Iraq???! Ahh elections ya elections! I seriously hope Hilarry's interest in this heartbreaking story stems out of care and nothing more but care for the victim who was abused by those animals and the so-called judges of justice!!!!

I couldn’t help it but remember an exchange of comments I had with a fellow blogger from the gulf about a month ago about the sexual frustration of men in Gulf area. I still wonder, why so much sexual frustration in the gulf region?

Let’s look up this subject closely:

The 5 men are all married, yet they found pleasure in kidnapping and raping a married woman.

Now I can’t help it but ask myself, if they are all MARRIED, then why wouldn’t they pour their sexual frustration on their women?

Why would the SA judges harshen the women's verdict and increase the number of her lashes because she appealed the case and contacted the media.

This is mind-boggling and I am sick of the animalistic behavior of some men in the gulf region! way too much!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

IslamAbad, Bhutto vs. Musharraf

Musharraf is silencing Bhutto for demanding him to give up his power over the state of Pakistan. Bhutto gets arrested in her house and thousands and thousands of her supporters are being arrested and sent to jail. The Secretary of state is flying to IslamAbad to discuss the stability and democracy of the region with Musharraf. (???!!!!)....and the whole world is watching.

Although the US current mission is to spread love and peace and democracy in the whole world (me, turning a blind eye) I doubt they will step in to denounce Musharraf's actions against Bhutto or even support this latter to run for for a president for the following obvious reasons:
Musharraf has been a good buddy to the US with their hunt for bin Laden. US is pre-occupied with presidential elections. US is busy with their mission in Iraq...

So, let's keep watching IslamAbad...who knows what might happen next.

Friday, November 9, 2007

I Need Your Organ

She described me every little detail, how she got in the surgery room, unhooked the tubes from his body, washed the blood away, covered him up with a clean white sheet, kissed his forehead, put the Qur’an by his bed, and composed herself to meet his family. While she was describing the whole scene I felt a great gush of blood rising to my head. I felt every ounce of sensation she felt at that moment as if I was in her shoes. My god, if one organ fails and we can never make it to the top list of candidates for transplant the rest of body crashes.

This story made me rethink about my take on organ donations subject. I have always nodded with a "NO" whenever I was asked if I would like to donate my organs. But recently, I seriously started thinking about giving it a second thought. Can you imagine one little organ can save someone's life?! Can you imagine how many lives will be saved? Can you imagine that this old man who came all the way to the states for an organ transplant could have been alive today if he made it to the top list.With that has been said, I was wondering if Islam has discussed this topic in anyway or shape. Is it okay to donate organs to non-Muslims?? I don’t see why not because Allah is gracious and for life.

Poor those who can never make it to the top list, and poor those who cannot afford buying an organ.

So my question: Would you donate your organs after death?