Friday, August 5, 2011

Watch Your Kids!!!!

After a long hectic day, I decided to go to the mosque for Taraweeh prayers. The first 4 rakaat, weren't quite bad as I was struggling to focus on the imam's recitation and actually be able to feel some Khooshoo3 because he had no microphone on it was quite a challenge to keep up with him. The last 4 rakaate, however; were more challenging because of Bani Adam. It took literally 2 Moroccan women to enter the mosque to make fitna in the women section. Their kids were rude, loud, and annoying. They kept on talking really loud..running, jumping around the the point I wish I could grab one of them and throw him out of the window. I struggled to remain calm and focused on my prayers. But what annoyed me really the most is that they would literally start roughly a minute behind because they keep talking..mainly gossiping asking one another about really stupid stuff going on at the mosque. For instance, whose daughter is sitting here and whose son is sitting there. But the most frustrating of all, those women were Moroccans...and their kids were nothing but a true reflection of wild animals.