Sunday, October 26, 2008

Giving Hopes & Saving Lives

While browsing CNN online news, I decided to check CNN heroes section to find out more about it. Upon reading the section, I found my tears brushing my cheeks non-stop. Goodness, inspirational and uplifting stories of couple nominees moved every fiber of my heart.

Simply awesome job done by a group of people for the sake of humanity. How nice to see people cultivating the sense of community in their hearts and going beyond their preceived limits to make a HUGE difference in people's lives. They educated kids, fed the hungry, sheltered the homeless, and gave them a chance to have a future when they stopped hoping and dreaming about one. They brought hope to their lives and gave them a strong sense of living.
It was very challenging for me to pick one nominee to vote for because they all deserved to be encouraged and voted for. With that said, I finally settled with one story I found very close to my heart. I voted for Maria De Silva for her inspirational story Giving Hope to Orphans of AIDS because my heart bled and still bleeds for kids with AIDS in Africa. In fact, I volunteered for One Life Revolution, a non-profit organization that helps and supports kids with HIV in Zambia. So I can, somehow, relate to Maria De Silva because I fought for the same cause and I know exactly how it feels to bring life to an HIV orphan.
Kudos to those who put their hearts and souls into community service and helped drawing smiles on a lot of sad faces for the sake of love and humanity ONLY.

Friday, October 24, 2008

University Professor Killed By A Student In Algeria

That's right!

Ben Chehida, the chair of the Computer Science department at the university, was stabbed more than 20 times on October 18th by a disgruntled student apparently unsatisfied with his grades. The 58-year-old professor was pronounced dead the day after being taken to hospital.

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