Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Desperately Looking For Good Books To Read

I miss reading, I miss writing, I miss a lot of things. My aunt gave me some books to read, supposedly interesting, but did not like any one of them. I found them dull and yaki. By all means, I know they are great books but for some reasons they just did not stimulate my interest. So I decided to surf Amazon in desperate hope to find couple books of my liking. Special thanks to the new feature amazon added to some books, now, shoppers can read first few pages of a book before they decide on purchasing it. So I did that and ended up not liking the books I selected to purchase. Makes it even worse!
I am interested in reading something related to Islam, Arab Culture, Struggle...I don't know something I am somehow familiar with just for a change. But strangely enough, all the books I skimmed through that cover the issuses I forementioned are redundant. All the shit that happened in the heroes' lives is blamed on either religion or culture! What a unique way to make Islam and Arab culture shine nowadays!!!