Friday, October 5, 2012

My Love...Here I Come To You, Rabat

Can't wait to step on your ground...and can't wait to see your people and roam in your old streets...can't wait to see the rush hour in downtown, and enchant my ears with the sound of rhythmic honking of your frustrated drivers. I just can't wait to contemplate the stars in the middle of night...and dive in my old childhood memories..I just can't wait to be in Rabat!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Silent Pain

A member of my Syrian extended family was shot on the head today! May you, Bashar Alassad, suffer through a painful death to feel the pain of every drop of blood and tears were shed by innocents civilians.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Mind-Boggling Ignorance

After a great lunch with my colleagues, we headed back to the hotel, but and on our way back to the hotel we were talking about the city since all of us were from different States trying to adjust to dynamics of detroit for the next couple weeks. Two of my colleagues started talking about churches they go to, and what they like about them, and I guess they felt I was left out of the topic because I am a Muslim and I had nothing to share with them about my faith. So one of them started asking me if I go to any local mosques, and I told him "Yes". I even added how I was surprised with the size and architecture of the mosque as my eyes never seen any bigger or more beautiful mosque like the one by my hotel. You know what his comment was? "OMG, I know that is such a huge mosque, I thought I was in the middle east for a second...such a big mosque in the US". He just took me by surprise... Well for starter, Islam is not a not all middle Eastern people are Muslim...and second, what's wrong with having a big mosque in US? There are temples everywhere...even bigger than churches! I think he was just jealous that my mosque was bigger than his small church :)

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bashar Assad--The Real Terrorist

While I was reading some news on Syria, I stumbled upon the above picture of a young Syrian kid from Hums region. The kid was beheaded and thrown in the street. This is a new tactic of the killing of innocent people in Syria. They take the kids, behead them and throw them on the floor for their parents to see them killed, and then afterwards they kill the parents. For any outsider, who doesn't know much about what's going on in Syria or naively thinks that those targeted by Syrian Military are the opponents of the regime in Syria...then you must be wrong. Syrian military knocks on civilians' doors randomly. Often times, they take the men of the house, jail them for few days while torturing them, and then kill them. But apparently, nowadays, the jails are getting so crowded and there is no much time left for Assad in his regime so he decided to give orders to terminate as many civilians as possible. Kids, women, elderly....all at once. Never in my wildest dream, thought such cruelty could exist or much worse take place in an Islamic country by majority..but who am I fooling. Bashar's family has a long deep history with cruelty in their past...if it wasn't for the killing, they wouldn't have made it to their presidential political position. As a matter of fact, they had the nerve to claim they were Muslims (since being a Muslim is part of the constitutional requirements for presidency in Syria). I'm just speechless this time for real. May Allah grant patience to those that lost their beloved families in this barbaric war. May you rotten in HELL Bashar!