Thursday, June 9, 2011

I Dream of Freedom

Trapped in guilt and fear
To the expectations I should adhere

It is what it is...Some call it a turning point of life...but all I can see is obscure darkness that I can't possibly see through it. I might be wrong in my feelings. I know I just need to muster some courage and get through this combat of life to move on with my life. But it's not easy to be totally free of fear..It's hard to not be free of doubts...I can't help but ask myself one question: What the heck did I sign up for in this life? I shall find out soon iA. For now, all I need to do is pray hard, work hard, and not forget to catch my breath from time to time...oh and remember to enjoy life.


Anonymous said...

I don't know in wich circumstances did you reduct this post, but I had a strange feeling that it reflects big part of my feelings at this time. I asked these questions frequently just like you. Indeen that don't allow me to dream of a better future.
thx for sharing

5estrellas said...

There must be light through the darkness..hold on tight you will see it soon..

SK7 said...

THE LIGHT IZ INSIDE US.But what u have to do is just find the button of leting it ON.I hope u understand that it happens sometime we keep it OFF. and hope from others to let it its only you who can find your own path by your own struggle